August 15, 2013

An old tagline, and a new pattern.

The website continues to take form, and I’m digging the current minimalist WordPress Theme (at the time of this writing, it is Minimous by Andrew Thompson). Thanks to a timely thread over in the Designers group on Ravelry, I’ve just learned about imbedding Google Fonts, so you should be reading this in “Oxygen” under “Quicksand”.. hm, that’s a funny combination now that I notice it!

Today has been a mostly awesome day – delightful customers at work, joyful fun at hooping class, and discovering that not only has the Fall 2013 issue of Twist Collective gone live, but the photos of my design Penta are awesome, AND ALSO one was chosen for the cover image!!!



And that old tagline I mentioned?  You can see it right now, up there under my name…


These were my first business cards, the layout, design and printing gifted to me by my lovely sister Heather when she was working in a newspaper office doing graphic design and business stuff. (She’s much happier now as an electrician keeping a large production wood mill running day and night!)  I didn’t have a specific job, but I really liked making things, and I wanted a card that would cover it all.

In redesigning this website, I’m bringing all of my various trades and talents back into one place, and I need something to describe what I am about and what I do.

Creativity (mostly unlimited) still works.


PS – curious about the logo on that old card? It is based on a vine design that my longest-friend Paul used to draw on my face when we’d go dancing at an alternative/goth nightclub years ago… and I have that X, with vines and hearts and all, tattoo’d to the left of my bellybutton, almost as big as my hand. Loved it then, love it still!


August 11, 2013

Coming up for air…

Wow, the last four months have been a crazy whirlwind of activity!  Designing, working at my other jobs (training lifeguards, teaching first aid, selling delicious yarn, leading hoop dance classes), helping to organize and present a hooping/juggling/circus festival.. and finalizing the end of a relationship by moving out.

In the middle of that, my webhost upgraded their technical-stuff-I-don’t-really-get, and my attempts to migrate this site over to the newer version of the technical-stuff-I-don’t-really-get didn’t work, until now!

(Now is, of course, almost 1am when I should be up at around 7:30am to go teach Standard First Aid, but instead I’m incredibly excited about getting on with the website rebuild)

In case you’ve missed me, and can’t wait however long it will take for me to get this up to full speed, please reconnect with me on Twitter, @christagiles.