October 2, 2013

Music for Movement and Food for Fuel

I have been thinking about adding music links to the blog after every hoop class, to share the podcast or playlist that kept us moving and grooving for the hour session. Since I’m tweaking a few things on the site today, I’ll share the links BEFORE tonight’s class!

This is Marty Funkhauser’s mix “I sure love Fondue Parties” – if the Soundcloud thingy isn’t working, you can follow this link.

One of the things I love most about social media is the opportunity to discover things that I wouldn’t stumble over by following my usual internet patterns – Ravelry and Pinterest don’t have a lot of music, but my friends and acquaintances on Facebook share links all the time! This particular mix was posted by Michelle, a roller derbyist I met at a hoop jam at Sideshow, and it kept me in a great mood through a couple hours of intense home organizing yesterday.

Pinterest also played a big part in yesterday’s successes: I invited my sweetie over for dinner, and made these two dishes:

Romanesco Gratin, from eggtotheapples’s blog here – I only used one head of Romanesco, but it nearly filled my casserole anyway!

Maple Dijjon Potatoes with Apples and Sausage, from alaskafromscratch’s blog here – the nearby shop didn’t have chicken sausage so I substituted pork Kolbassa, and it was tasty!

Cooking regularly is a new thing for me. I’ve gone through phases over the years, making a lot of soups, or weekly batches of crockpot butter chicken, but I’m really enjoying dating a foodie omnivore who is supportive and appreciative of my attempts in the kitchen. Having watched cooking shows like Iron Chef, Top Chef, and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, and received lessons in knife skills from my sweetie’s chef daughter, I feel empowered and capable of either following recipes to get a predictable result, or experimenting with flavours and techniques now that I have a better understanding of cooking methods and taste combinations.

Special bonus from my date night cooking? Tasty leftovers for lunch on the next day when I work from home!