October 18, 2013

A delicious day…


My “days off” usually contain some amount of work, and today was no exception. A staff meeting at the yarn shop, some work-ish knitting, and a bit of blog writing (my own, and for another website)… it is also pretty normal for any of my days to include two or three different types of employment: contract, self-employment, or my regular part-time work.

The things that set today apart were all little things, that in combination created a very lovely and wonderful day of surprising recharge. Success in unusual areas, like shopping for a swim suit – 2 piece, fits me, I feel awesome in it (in a fat-positive belly-love kinda way) AND it was 60% off; finding the perfect trim for a second attempt at putting a zipper into Lempicka (if you’re a Vancouver local, remember that Dresssew’s busiest point of the year is Halloween, and plan accordingly); discovering my favourite brand of undies at a pretty deep discount at Winners, in my size, and having the funds to be able to replace the YesTheyHaveHeldUpForYearsButTheElasticIsNowShowingAndReallyChristaDon’tYouDeserveNewOnesYet pile at home… plus a misty foggy bike ride in the morning, and a wonderfully sunny crisp ride home after stopping in for tea and then an early dinner at Chau Veggie Express (my new favourite vitamin delivery method) on Victoria Drive between 34th and 35th Ave.

That giant bowl full of coconut curry goodness is the #17 – Golden Temple Prayers, accompanied by #21 – Namahata, tasty crunchy salad rolls. Not shown in the photo is an amazing dairy-free coconut shake, and the delicious macaroons I enjoyed earlier with my afternoon tea. Friendly staff, west-facing windows to catch the setting sun, and quiet enough that I could occupy a table with my knitting for the better part of three hours without guilt.. this was the bliss I needed today!

Back home, my accomplishments included figuring out how to load some excellent DJ mixes onto my phone for future bike rides (on speaker, not headphones!), and then tackling the stack of dishes that have been piled in the sink for a couple of days. I find music really shifts my energy levels, and “jackin’ house” is my new favourite genre.  Oh, the things I learn from Soundcloud…

Here’s the mix that I played at hoop class on Wednesday night – the Cosby a capella bit starts about 3/4 of the way through, at 46:25. Marty Funkhauser is Canadian, currently (according to his bio) in Lethbridge, Alberta. Find his Facebook fanpage here, or click on the Soundcloud window to go find him over there!