August 13, 2013

Hoop Shop

ChristaHoops are made in Vancouver, BC, using sturdy polyethylene pipe and decorated with colourful vinyl tape. 3/4″ diameter heavyweight pipe makes a mid-weight hoop that combines the stiffness of heavier tubing with the handling ease of a skinnier tube to create a hoop ideal for dancers who like to do a lot of trick moves. These hoops are also suitable for use in a fitness program to develop cardiovascular endurance, core stability, and overall toning.

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and each order includes a credit for $10 off a second hoop, private lesson, or Hoop Play class at the Dance Centre. This credit cannot be used for Roundhouse workshops, but participants from Roundhouse workshops will be given a $10 discount off the price of a custom hoop!

A basic hoop is $60 (standard colours), wrapped with one background colour and one spiral of vinyl tape.

A Hoop Wardrobe is $150 (three hoops in standard background colours with a textured spiral). Order your ‘regular’ size, then add a slower ‘teacher’ hoop a few inches larger for learning lifts/drops and shoulder hooping, and a ‘mini’ hoop smaller than the length of your arm for off-body hand hooping!

Want to get into twins or poi hooping right away? Buy a four-hoop Wardrobe for $200 (standard colours) and let me know if you would like two regular hoops or two hand hoops! PoiHoop lightweight tubing may be substituted by request.

NEW PoiHoop Pairs are $80 (two hoops in standard colours) and are constructed with a lightweight, skinny tubing that makes these smaller hand hoops easy to guide through off-body moves influenced by poi spinning, another modern skill/flow toy that has its base in traditional Maori dance.


Hoop Taping


Standard colours:

      black, brown, dark blue, dark green, red, white

Special colours (additional $10): emerald green, dark purple, light pink, light yellow, light orange, dark orange

Contrast Spiral choose a colour much lighter or much darker than your background!

Standard colours

      (included, add $5 for a second spiral): black, brown, dark blue, dark green, red, white, light yellow, dark orange

Special colours (additional $3, $8 as a second spiral): medium-light blue, medium green, dark purple, light pink, light orange

Textured tape
(additional $5, $10 as a second spiral): dayglo pink, dayglo orange, dayglo yellow, dayglo green, medium blue, medium turquoise, medium brown, burgundy, red, and black. All dayglo colours contrast well against all background colours. Burgundy, red, blue, brown and black will show up best against lighter backgrounds.

Prism tape (additional $15 bare, $20 with a layer of clear protective tape): silver, gold, other colours available in limited supply (hot pink, lime green, bright purple)

Special designs

      Standard design is a single spiral on a solid background. Second spiral is applied in the opposite direction for a criss-cross effect. Custom designs (weaves, colour banding) can be arranged, extra charges will apply based on complexity of design.

ChristaHoops signature rainbow hoop

    (picture to come) $85: background tape flows through the colours of the rainbow (dark purple, dark blue, light blue, dark green, emerald green, deep yellow, light yellow, light orange, dark orange, red), and textured tape spiral flows through the available dayglo accent colours. Beautiful!

Hoop Sizing

      If you don’t already know what size of hoop you prefer, measure (while standing) from the floor to mid-point on your torso (halfway between bellybutton and nipple line) and send me that measurement as the DIAMETER of your hoop. If you normally wear clothing that is 2XL or larger, let me know so I can size your hoop appropriately. Hoopers of all shapes rock!

Already know what size you want? Send me a measurement, specify if it is the DIAMETER or CIRCUMFERENCE and whether it is in inches or centimeters.

Giving a gift hoop to someone you can’t measure? Tell me their approximate height and clothing size (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, whatever) and I’ll build a hoop that will work for them.

Order your Hoop

      Ready? Choose the size, background and spiral tape colours for your custom hoop, then email me to order, arrange payment and delivery or pickup. I accept cash or payments through PayPal. Shipping through Greyhound Freight will be COD.

Shipping or delivery charges will be added to your hoop purchase, unless we are able to arrange a pickup from one of my regular work locations.

Do you live outside of Canada? Visit and check out the companies who advertise there, to find a hoop manufacturer near you!

Make your own Hoops

It can be done! Instructions can be found following the Make a Hoop links at or go directly to the incredible tutorial by Jason Strauss