April 13, 2015

Weekly Hoop Classes

Wednesdays 8:00-9:00pm
Apr 29 – Aug 19, 2015. No class June 24, July 1.

$230 for 15 weeks (prorated if space remains available), contact Christa to register.

Who can come to a weekly class?
Everyone 15yrs & up! Hoopers come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages (younger hoopers can come to class, too! Contact Christa for special permission to join!) and there is no requirement for previous hoop or dance experience, just bring your enthusiasm!


What should I expect at my first class?
Arrive at the Dance Studio just a bit early to sign in at the front desk. Bring a water bottle and comfortable layered clothing – the studio warms up quickly as everyone starts hooping, so peeling down to tanks and shorts is common, especially in the summer! As soon as the rental group ahead of us clears out, we’ll hit the studio, shed jackets and shoes (many of us choose to hoop barefoot, but indoor shoes are fine, too!), pop in some dance music (usually house or funk), and start hooping!


New students will get attention first, as returning students warm up and continue working on skills from previous sessions, and then Christa will make the rounds, giving each student a turn at learning a new move, getting refinements for an older skill, or whatever a student requests!


First-timers will start with the basics: waist hooping, turning with the hoop, hand hooping, basic lifts and drops. Intermediate and advanced students will be assessed and then taught moves and tricks to fill out their repetoire, or challenged to work on greater flow, unusual combinations, and performance awareness. Group choreography isn’t covered, but those students interested in developing a performance piece can get feedback and suggestions for pacing, variety, and stage presence.

How do I register?


Registration is handled through the Contact page. Once your package registration is confirmed through email, payment will be arranged either via Interac Email Bank Transfer, PayPal or in cash.

Missed classes are not eligible for refund or credit, but you are welcome to send a friend to take your spot!


Where are the classes held?

At The Dance Centre, 677 Davie St (at the corner of Davie and Granville), in either the Birmingham or Kraul studio (the large studio at the end of the hallway on the 3rd or 4th floor).

Do I need to bring a hoop?
Hoops in a variety of sizes are available for new students to use during class, and students with their own can still use these hoops if they want to practice a skill with a hoop smaller or larger than what they already have.


When can I start?

Right away! Because these Hoop Play classes are all about individualized instruction, there is no need for students to all start on the same day, and new students are always welcomed (provided there is space in the class)
Why do your classes contain all levels of hoopers?
What started out as a plan for flexible scheduling turned out to be a lovely learning atmosphere: Students of all levels can share space and hoop together, while being taught skills and concepts appropriate to each learner’s place and pace!


Newer students can watch more experienced hoopers for inspiration or to see possible variations on basic moves, and the returnees benefit too: refreshers on early skills that didn’t make it into frequent rotation, new angles and approaches (a beginner student will often come up with a whole new way of moving the hoop), and fresh faces coming to class that may become away-from-class friends! Integrated classes also mean that friends can register together, even if they aren’t at the same skill level.

(ps – don’t worry about dropping the hoop – everyone does!)