August 13, 2013


Jacqueline Hamlin, Recreation Programmer, Tsawwassen Arts Centre

“Christa’s hooping performance and workshops were a fantastic addition to our Luminary Festival. Whether she was roving the park with an LED hoop or leading a workshop, her enthusiasm for the event was ever present. Christa was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Selena Bo Beena, weekly Flow pass participant

“Christa is a very observant and articulate teacher. Not only does she seem to know how to execute every trick in the book, but she understands how to break tricks down and explain them in a way that is easy to understand. Especially when I can’t figure it out easily, she is really good at understanding where I’m going wrong and helping me with drills or alternative ways of trying it. All this with a sparkling personality, patience and encouragement! What more could you ask for from a hoop teacher? Thank you Christa! “

Andrea Painter, weekly Flow pass participant

”I’ve finally found a physical activity that makes me feel fit and wonderful, that has substantially decreased the amount of back pain that I suffer from, that has increased my posture, that has made me feel like I finally have a physical skill I can be good at that is mesmerizing. In 2010, I’m aiming to get to add FIRE. There’s just so many skills to learn, so many ways to connect those skills, so much personal style to infuse the movements with. I’ve never made new years resolutions to “lose weight,” when I look at the beginning of a new calendar year and am unhappy with my bod, I feel the desire to “get fit,” so that I can be comfy in my body. And I’ve finally found something that lets me do this with joy, and it challenges me wonderfully.”

Cyndi Dallow, Hoop Play workshop participant:

“…Skills were being taught quickly, to fit as much in as possible but it didn’t seem overwhelming to be thrown so many skills in a two hour block. The skills built upon each other, but were also different enough that if you were having trouble with one thing (ie neck spins ;) , you could move on to something else or go back to something you already learned to keep frustration low…Thanks for a great workshop. You’re a wonderful instructor and you made it super fun! Can’t wait to do more…”

Christine Norberg, Hoop Play workshop participant:

“…I never wanted it to end, but at the same time, my body was tired and my mind was full of new stuff after two hours… I was wondering at first if it would be worth $25 (since I could hoop), but…for all that great stuff I walked away with – definitely worth it!…”

Kay & Laurie Riedel, who caught the hooping bug after trying my mom’s hoop during their fitness class:

“We got to practice with your parents on the hula hoops at our aerobics class. We could never do it in before. Now in our 70’s we are hula hooping. Thanks so much,we are having so much fun… We now have our own and we can reach 200 so far, but we’ll have to plan a little further ahead to hoop longer. We are planning to practise in our basement every morning “

Ros Giles (my mom), about learning moves with her new hoop:

“Your mother is keeping up with the hooping.. got some lifts going..Oh, it is just so fun! Thanks for that!” (Mom is so CUTE when she leaves me voice messages all excited about her new hoop moves, I had to include her here!  I’m so proud!)