Heather and Christa go to Burning Man 2015

Hello indeed, world!

This is Christa, and I’d like to welcome you to the online diary of the wondrous adventure that my sister Heather and I are planning – a trip to Burning Man 2015!

One of the main thoughts behind this is that we have benefited greatly from all of the online resources that other folk have made available, and want to contribute to that mass of knowledge by sharing our own planning, preparations, and experiences.

So far, we have acquired two tickets (I got into the virtual lineup about 15 seconds before Heather, and managed to get tickets before they sold out, which they had by the time Heather’s turn was up!), applied and been accepted into the Lamplighter’s camp, reserved a cargo van to drive ourselves and our gear down (hoping that we manage to buy a vehicle pass during the next major ticket sale), and built a Galaxy Hut as our primary shade structure. ¬†Ooh, and Heather has started an awesome collection of costuming, including some fantastic pieces from a quirky shop on Main Street in Vancouver, BC.


Details to come, including photos and notes about the Galaxy Hut!