Our blog about planning is being neglected due to all the planning…

I* have all the time in the world to plan – 40-hour work week, five-minute commute, seven-hour sleep, husband in camp all week, two fairly aloof cats – about six hours every single day, spent mostly in front of the computer.  And all of the world at my fingertips.

The problem with this situation is that every little whim of curiosity that scampers through my mind can be immediately satisfied with “research” – and then it’s five hours later, and bedtime, and nothing real has been accomplished.

Don’t get me wrong – a lot of this time HAS been spent doing actual planning for our Burning Man adventure… but NONE of it (aside from the Galaxy Hut build-weekend trip to the coast) has been spent gathering physical things together.  And The Man Burns in 94 days…

* (this applies to the northern sister only – the southern sister is much more involved in life, and therefore does not laze around playing online all day ;o)

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